MOTOSPORT eNASCAR Heat Pro League heads to Iowa for Round...

eNASCAR Heat Pro League heads to Iowa for Round 7


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From the high banks of Talladega to the short oval of Iowa, the eNASCAR Heat Pro League season rolls on.

Fresh off their wins at the Alabama superspeedway, JTG Daugherty Throttlers pilot Justin Brooks (Xbox One) and Team Penske eSports driver Corey Rothgeb (PS4) snagged pole position in their respective races tonight. Brooks has already secured his place in the postseason with his Segment 1 performance, but remains a threat for wins every week. 

Brooks’ lap of 22.8133 was just barely enough to top Luis Zaiter’s 22.8134. Only 0.0001s separated the two drivers. Championship leader Daniel Buttafuoco timed in third. Diego Alvarado and Brian Tedeschi rounded out the top-five.

Rothgeb, who currently leads the Segment 2 standings, ran a lap of 22.846 and was 0.039s quicker than Brandyn Gritton’s 22.885. Mike Braas will start third after just missing out on the win at Talladega with Cody Giles filling out the second row. Kyle Arnold is looking to usurp Rothgeb’s position atop the championship and will do so from fifth on the grid tonight.

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Xbox Lineup:

  1. Justin Brooks                      22.8133
  2. Luis Zaiter                            22.8134
  3. Daniel Buttafuoco            22.882
  4. Diego Alvarado                  22.915
  5. Brian Tedeschi                   23.001
  6. Jose Ruiz                              23.015
  7. Slade Gravitt                      23.034
  8. Matthew Selby                  23.036
  9. Nick Walker                        23.104
  10. Tyler Dohar                         23.105
  11. Sam Morris                         23.108
  12. Jordan McGraw                 23.137
  13. Matthew Heale                 23.170
  14. Riley Ogle                            23.185

PS4 Lineup:

  1. Corey Rothgeb                   22.846
  2. Brandyn Gritton                22.885
  3. Mike Braas                          22.938
  4. Cody Giles                           22.961
  5. Kyle Arnold                         22.975
  6. Maxwell Castro                 22.987
  7. Joey Stone                           22.988
  8. Josh Parker                         23.008
  9. Brandon Hanna                 23.035
  10. Josh Harbin                         23.039
  11. Joe Gornick                         23.045
  12. TJ McGowan                       23.056
  13. Nick Jobes                           23.117
  14. Jason Mitchell                    N/A

This upcoming race will go green at 8 p.m. EST and will be streamed live on It can also be viewed at, or

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